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Carolyn Maguire of YouPhoria and Sandy Ploth of Namaste Reiki have joined together to create KIDS LOVE REIKI TOO™

Our Mission as Reiki MasterTeachers is dedicated to empowering children and teens with the gift of Reiki while simultaneously affirming their own unique talents and personalities . We know from experience how much Reiki can help support and strengthen children's confidence and compassion as they continue to grow and develop in remarkable ways.  Children and teens are our future and we care passionately about assisting them with life-long tools as they journey onward. 

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Carolyn Maguire  -  In addition to being a Reiki Master/Teacher, Carolyn is a full-time Oncology Certified Nurse who works for a major cancer center in Manhattan, NY. She holds a Holistic Nurse and Amma Massage Therapy Certification and is also a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach with over 200 hours of coaching experience.  Carolyn believes in empowering people of all ages with the skills and tools necessary to take control of their own health and life purpose by seeing it as an "inside job".  She takes great pride in creating a unique and comprehensive wellness path suited to each individual. With her holistic, mind-body-soul approach, she is able to give each client options to choose from her wonderful toolbox of modalities. She started YouPhoria in 2012.  Her YouPhoria website can be found at :



Sandy Ploth -  In addition to being an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher, Sandy is also a retired Oncology Certified Nurse with a background in hospital oncology nursing as well as VNS hospice nursing.  She took her first Reiki class in 1997 and quickly connected to this loving, healing modality.  In the year 2000, she became aware of a great desire to teach and pass on Reiki to others and so began a yearlong program of study.  She became a Reiki Master on 8/11/2001 exactly one month prior to the events of 9/11. This event further strengthened her commitment to practice and teach the healing principles of Reiki. She started "Namaste Reiki" in 2001. Sandy is also a certified Spiritual Director and has experience as a Spiritual Counselor and Retreat Director. Her Namaste Reiki website can be found at: