Kids Love Reiki Too™

And we love teaching kids!


Quotes from Parents:

 "Maddy had an amazing time and hasn't stopped talking about it since... She loves reiking her take-home bean plant and checks it every day."

~ Maria, Lindenhurst, NY


  "Last night, Julia had a confidence that I don't often see. And she was offering us all Reiki, even her little sister.  She had her manual by her side and wanted to go to work."

 ~ Christine, Massapequa Park, NY


 "I had the most amazing experience with my daughter this past Sunday...I am beyond thrilled that my daughter has acquired a lifelong healing tool."

~ Barbara, East Williston, NY, quotes from "Just another Manic Mommy" blog.

(Note:  Barbara's blog was written right before this "Kids Love Reiki too!" website was started.  Please contact us through this website versus the Namaste Reiki link she mentions in her blog. Thank you Barbara for blogging about this wonderful class Carolyn & I taught together.



Fun take-home activity:  Children placed one bean seed in each cup during the class with instructions to give both seeds the same amount of water and sun each day. They were also told to give reiki daily to the seed in the "purple knapkin cup" to see if it made a difference.  The reiki seeds seem to grow better for all the children.  Don't we always say plants respond better to extra love and attention!




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