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Reiki, Kids &Teens                                                                       


What exactly is Reiki?
Reiki is a light touch healing art that was formulated in Japan by Mikao Usui around 1920. It is a gentle, subtle practice which promotes balance in body, mind and spirit.*  Reiki is now practiced and taught throughout the world. You do not have to adhere to any particular belief system for Reiki to be beneficial and effective.  Reiki is non-intrusive and can never cause harm.


Any child can learn Reiki!  Age 6 and above is ideal, but we have taught 5 year olds as well. Reiki is beneficial for all children. It may be especially helpful for a shy or bullied child, a child with a diagnosis of ADHD or a child with a learning disability. Reiki practice helps to build children's confidence and remind them they ARE valuable and have much to offer this world.

  Our childrens classes include:

"Kid-friendly" materials

Instruction incorporated with fun activities

Reiki Level 1 Children's Certificate

Take home manual


Teens and Reiki

Adolescence can be a very turbulent time for teenagers and their families. All teens are exposed to life challenging situations that test their coping abilities.  Some teens get through these situations with ease while others frequently struggle. Learning Reiki practice can help your teen deal with low self-esteem, exam-stress, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Teen classes include information on how to practice Reiki for self and others, mediation breaks, the importance of slowing down thoughts with present moment awareness, Level 1 Reiki Certification and take-home manual.     

 (*The mechanism of action for Reiki's effectiveness is not yet fully understood, but recent hard data has shown Reiki treatments improve heart rate, blood pressure and immune indicators.  Self report research studies have demonstrated participants had an improved sense of well being, decreased anxiety, decreased pain and enhanced quality of life. Contact us if you want further information on valid research studies.)


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